Hot meals in minutes, anywhere!

Action Meals is your provider of Self-heating meals – in minutes, whenever you need them.  Our exclusive, patented heater technology allows you to enjoy a warm meal in minutes, and requires only an ounce of water!  You can choose from more than seven, healthy Action Meals – the perfect meal, for your day pack.

We are the provider of  choice for military, emergency workforce crews and outdoor enthusiasts - who need warm meals, quickly with out the need of matches, open flames or electricity.  Action Meals provides healthy, nutritious self-heating meals – shipped directly to you, wherever you may be.  Click here to order!

Action Meals Demonstration:

Action Meals are perfect for emergency preparation kits, military on exercise or training, boaters, canoeists, and hikers!


What are special circumstances that would benefit a person in using ACTION MEAL®?

  • Your institution is having trouble with utilities services and staff shortages due to a pandemic or power outage.
  • You are in one of the major parks and there is a fire hazard warning. You want to camp and have a hot meal but are not allowed to start a fire.
  • You are in a sailboat going on a long journey and you have the night watch. You are hungry and cold.
  • You are fishing in a great spot and do not wish to move but hunger pangs are making concentration very difficult.
  • Every home should have an emergency supply for power outages during storms.
  • Snowmobiling – No restaurants on the trails!